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This is the most efficient way to make your home look absolutely beautiful along with perfection. From the get go, we get to understand exactly what kind of home or office you have always envisioned for yourself and we design the whole space accordingly. Since we understand your pulse right from initiation, it becomes easier to get every single detailing and production on point that is needed to make your space beautiful and elegant.


We work with you and understand the absolute non negotiable units or design aspects that you want in your space and accordingly figure out how much would be the costs of all of it put together. This helps us in figuring out if all the things you want fit in your budget or if it falls well below what you had estimated, you can plan on adding a few more elements that would make your space even more beautiful. If you already have a set budget in mind or do not have any budget constraints, it becomes easier to move on to the next stage.


Once we are past the estimation stage, we make a few mood boards initially to understand what kind of design you have in mind for your space. If you have a few pictures that you might have saved with you, we ask you to share those too with us. We then start making 3d designs for your space. We provide 3 revisions to the design and provide you with complete information about each material used in the design.


Once the designs are approved by you, we begin with preparing the quotation for every single work that happens in your space. At this stage you get a good idea about the costs for each element in your space. You can also remove any unit or change the sizes of any unit that you would want.


After the quotation is approved by you, we begin with 2D drawings of each wall, ceiling and floor in your space. This is to ensure that the no labour working at site do not have any confusions or have to make their own decisions. The production of modular units in your space also starts at the factory and procurement of all the material that’s required at your site also happens here. We do multiple walkthroughs during the execution of the project and we also give weekly periodic updates of all tasks getting done at your site.


It is not like we work only when we get the gig to design your space too. A significant chunk of projects across the year are the ones where we execute the designs and plans made by other interior designers and architects. In this case, we get the 2D drawings with specifications of all the other details of all the modular wood work from your designer or the architect and we execute them exactly as specified at your site.


A quick visit to your place or a layout or a 2D drawing or a layout of your place would give us a good idea of what would be the sizes of the modular furniture that would be adequate at your place. Based on these sizes we can make a comprehensive estimate of all the modular furniture that would be made for your place. In case you have complete designs ready, we can give you a more accurate quotation. Once you approve the quotation, we move on to the production stage.


Once the quotation has been approved, we take accurate wall to wall measurements of your site. With these measurements we start making all the production drawings and based on these production drawings we start procuring the material to the factory and begin with the production. Every piece of every furniture made at the factory is labeled, cleaned and packed to be dispatched to the site for installation.


After production is completed at the factory, everything is dispatched to the site together. Our skilled installation team begins with installations while referring to the labels on all pieces of all the furniture and the 2D drawings made available to them by us. We also have project managers who assist the installers in the process of installation. As a bonus, we try to complete installation with minimal dust and as quickly as possible. We also clean up all the units we install in the end.


At Wood Be Done, we believe every home tells the story and describes the personality of the people there. Our passion for interior design goes beyond the conventional, as we endeavor to create extraordinary and personalized environments that resonate with our clients' individuality and aspirations.


We sit with you and understand what your likes and dislikes are, what background you come from, what elements have influenced you in your life and how you have visualized your space to look like. This helps us narrow down to a few concepts and ensure that the space after completion looks like what you have always dreamt of.


The one thing that we are extremely careful about is the 2D detailing as this is where we can avoid a million things from going wrong. A wrong placement of the switchboard, oversized or undersized piece of furniture, non provision of lights in certain areas and many more such finer details can affect the fine balance of different elements in your space which can be the difference between a finished space and a perfect space. We made these detailings so that minimal intervention is needed by the labor during execution and you get an absolutely perfect space of your own.


With our expert space planning techniques, we maximize the potential of every area, no matter the size or layout. We believe in optimizing the available space while preserving the design's creativity and elegance.


We take pride in curating an extensive selection of premium materials and finishes, ensuring that each element of your design is thoughtfully chosen to complement the overall aesthetic and add a touch of luxury to your space.